Colour Correction

Experts In Hair Colour Correction

House of Savannah Hair Salon in Newcastle

Fixing hair colour damage at home is not an easy task which does not always go to plan. If you are currently going through the nightmare of hair colour damage, we advise you seek expert help to avoid any further complications to your hair.

Two of our team members – Tom and Lauren – are among the highest qualified hair colourists in the business.  Both have successfully completed the L’Oreal Colour Specialist Degree which means they can turn their hands to the most complicated colour techniques as well as achieving great results if you need a hair colour correction.

Our hair colour technicians at House of Savannah hair salon in Newcastle also use kind, gentle but effective Aveda and L’Oreal INOA hair colour to bring your hair back to beautiful condition.  With a simple hair colour correction consultation, we can determine the best colour for your hair.

Improving Dry And Over Processed Hair 

Over processed hair or hair that has become too dry is prone to breakage. Our hair colour technicians can improve the appearance of over-processed hair by adding extra moisture into your locks to give your hair a bright and healthy appearance. We will provide you with a hair care maintenance plan and will explain what can be realistically achieved as we begin the process of treating your hair.

Hair Colour Change Disasters

hair colour correction, newcastle hair & beauty salonAdding a new shade on top of already damaged hair may not always be the best option and is best left to the experts. Transforming dark hair to a lighter colour requires time and preparation. To achieve your new lighter look, your hair needs to be prepared with a colour remover and this process may need to be repeated. Once the artificial pigment has been removed, we can create your rich, new colour.

Transforming light hair to a darker shade typically requires two separate colour applications.  The first fills your hair with the pigment it needs to hold onto the new darker shade.  The second produces the shade that is perfect for you.

Our professional hair colour technicians will assess the best tones and shades for your hair and identify the areas that need colour correcting.

Improving Hair Shade Problems

hair colour correction, house of savannah hairdressers, newcastlePerhaps you have a root regrowth, or your hair has been lightened by the sun – there are many causes of hair shade problems which we can fix.

Whether minor or major, our experienced hair colour technicians have dealt with a wide variety of hair shade problems.

If your hair colour has turned out too light we can add warmer shades or lowlights to darken it slightly. If your hair colour has turned out too dark we can use highlights to lighten your hair colour.

We can also correct highlights that are too light, yellow, orange or dark as well as boost the colour of your dyed hair. Each individual area of your hair will be carefully analysed and we will use different techniques, colours and tones to achieve a beautifully blended hair colour.

Hair Colour Correction Appointments at House of Savannah Hairdressers in Newcastle

Seek professional advice at House of Savannah Hair Salon in Newcastle where our expert hair colourists will discuss with you the best course of action for your hair.  Call us on 0191 230 1919 so we can help you to get your hair back to perfection!