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Beauty Treatments for Lashes & Brows 

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An eyebrow shape or lash extensions can make a huge difference to the way you look.  While your brows help to frame your face, beautiful long and dark eyelashes can bring out the beauty of your eyes. 

At our central Newcastle salon & spa, our qualified beauty technicians will give you a full consultation and explain what is involved before helping you find a look that suits you.  Perhaps you are looking for a neatly shaped eyebrow, HD Brows, tinted or permed lashes or fabulous lash extensions.

Whatever your needs, please give us a call to book in for your consultation by calling 0191 230 1919.

Please note:  A patch test is compulsory 48 hours before many of our lash & brow services.  (We will advise you of this when you make your appointment.)  You may also be asked to remove contact lenses prior to some of our services. Please also advise us if you are on any doctor prescribed medication.

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Eyelash Perming

eyelash perming, house of savannah hairdressers & beauty spa, newcastleEyelash perming completely transforms your eyes without the use of eyelash curlers or mascara.  This treatment works particularly well if you have sparse and straight lashes.  

Eyelash perming is totally painless and very relaxing.  Your lashes will be wrapped around a mini sponge roller and treated to give your lashes an upturned look.  

The result is longer, thicker looking lashes that last 10-12 weeks. 

Lash Extensions

Eyes & BrowsWe can give you long eyelashes using the finest quality Lash Extensions from Nouveau Lashes

Lash extensions are applied to your natural eyelash, one extension at a time, for a natural, elegant look that lengthens and adds fullness.  

We use the safest products available: the lash adhesive is manufactured without solvents and the debonder is organic.  To maintain lashes, we recommend a rebalance after 2-3 weeks.

Eyebrow Shaping

Professional eyebrow shaping is carried out by waxing or tweezing. The effect can be enhanced by tinting the brow to add emphasis and definition.

A well-shaped eyebrow can really enhance your eyes which can be a real confidence booster.

Your beauty therapist will discuss your requirements with you before delivering a beautifully shaped eyebrow.

If you look at this image you can see the recommended guidelines for a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

HD Brows

HD BROWS, newcastle hair & beauty salon

Thanks to the new HD Brows service at House of Savannah beauty salon in Newcastle, you can now have the ultimate in well-groomed, high definition eyebrows.

Taking between 30 and 45 minutes, the HD Brows experience features tinting, waxing, threading and a regrowth programme to give you perfectly defined brows.  After an in-depth consultation, your eyebrows will be shaped, arched and coloured to suit your face shape and colouring.

Custom-blended colour is applied before beginning our exclusive brow mapping formula to design your unique shape.  Finally, your brows will be perfected using the HD Brows luxury make up collection and you will be given a mini make up lesson to help you maintain your brows between appointments.

The results usually last between 4-6 weeks but this can vary, depending on your hair growth.

LVL Lash Lifting

LVL lashes, lash lifts, beauty salon in Newcastle

LVL stands for Length Volume and Lift and is the latest technology in eye lash treatments. They are a fantastic alternative to eyelash extensions and lifts your natural eyelashes to create a wide-eyed younger look. The treatment works by darkening, lengthening and lifting the natural lash. No mascara. No messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyes & BrowsYour eyebrows frame your face so it is important to give them definition.  As we get older, your eyebrows can become less defined as grey hairs appear, or perhaps you’d like your naturally blonde or light brown brows a little darker.

Your beauty therapist will discuss the look you want and find the right shading to suit your skin and hair tone.  The result will be eyes that look brighter and younger!

We use tinting products that are kind to your skin while achieving excellent results.

Eyelash Tinting 

HD BROWS, newcastle hair & beauty salonWe can enhance your lashes with a lash tint to give your eyes a brighter, younger look.

This treatment gives greater definition to your eyes, making them appear larger, brighter and less tired. The effects last for several weeks too!

We use tinting products that are kind to your skin while achieving excellent results.