Hands & Feet

Manicures, Pedicures & Nail Services at Newcastle's Top Hair & Beauty Salon & Spa, House of Savannah

Your hands and feet go through a great deal of 'wear and tear' so it’s important to treat them to a regular manicure and pedicure.

Our trained beauty therapists and nail technicians at House of Savannah salon & spa in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne offer the ultimate 60-minute Luxury Manicure or Pedicure, using a relaxing and nourishing blend of herbs to rejuvenate your hands and feet, as well as the 30-minute Express Manicure or Pedicure.

Why not finish off your manicure or pedicure with your favourite CND Vinuylux nail varnish, long-lasting CND Shellac gel polish or some sparkly nail art?  Talk over your ideas with our highly skilled nail technicians who can give you sensational-looking nails.  

Please call us on 0191 230 1919 to book your manicure, pedicure or nail service or book online.


CND PLEXIGEL is a brush in a bottle gel nail enhancement system that provides up to 3 weeks + of strength, and shape. The system is made up of bonder, shaper, builder and topcoat which work together to repair cracked, split and broken nails, as well as help plump and shape flat nails. 

Fill It, Fix It, Shape It, Build It 

CND PLEXIGEL at House of Savannah Nail Bar, Newcastle City CentreCND PLEXIGEL™ Bonder provides the first step in the CND PLEXIGEL™ System, a bonding agent that anchors the gel to the natural nail for secure adhesion for 3+ weeks of wear.

Step two in the system is CND PLEXIGEL Shaper. It protects and adds a layer of strength to the natural nail and provides shape to shapeless, flat nails.


The final step is the CND PLEXIGEL™ Protector, a clear, high-gloss, protective topcoat designed to complete the final layer of CND PLEXIGEL™ enhancements.

Luxury Manicures & Pedicures

gel nails, Newcastle beauty salon, House of Savannah SpaWe will nourish your hands and use acupressure and massage techniques to help reduce feelings of stress to leave your hands feeling rejuvenated. After cuticle work, nail shaping and buffing we will apply your varnish of choice.

Your feet will be pumiced to remove hard or dry skin before being massaged and your nails polished.

Mini Manicures & Pedicures

This is the ideal treatment for your lunch hour or for guests requiring a manicure during their hair service.  During a 30 minute appointment, your nails will be soaked, shaped and polished and your cuticles neatened, softened and nourished.

CND Shellac Nails at Newcastle's Top Beauty Salon & Spa

manicures & pedicures, Newcastle hairdressers & beauty salon and spa

Bitten nails and chipped nail varnish can ruin your look so why not choose a long-lasting manicure from our nail experts at House of Savannah?

CND Shellac is a revolutionary colour system for nails which gives you 14-day wear, non-chip, non-smudge, zero dry time, and high gloss mirror finish for your nails.

Often mistaken for a gel polish, CND Shellac has similar qualities but is actually a power polish that is a hybrid between gel and polish.  With care, your nails should remain perfect for up to two weeks - all with no damage to your natural nails.  

When you are ready for a new application of colour, we will be happy to offer a Soak Off service and can reapply a new gel colour of your choice if you wish.  

Luxury CND Shellac Gel Pedicure

Soothe, relax and pamper with the ultimate pedicure experience. The luxury gel Pedicure includes Shellac gel application followed by exfoliation, hard skin removal and foot massage with acupressure to reduce stress and relieve tension.

Luxury CND Shellac Gel Manicure 

Following your Shellac gel application, you will benefit from exfoliation and a combination of massage techniques and acupressure designed to reduce stress and relieve tension.