Autumn Hair Colour Trends

Autumn Hair Colour Trends at House of Savannah Hairdressers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

At House of Savannah Salon & Spa in Newcastle, we stay on top of the trends so you don’t have to! And, a new season means new trends – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Warm-toned hair is all the rage this Autumn with a major focus on golden blondes and redheads! With lots of different shades and tones available, we’re sure to find the perfect colour for you. Our team of expert hair colour technicians have created a list of the hottest hair colour ideas for Autumn. Keep reading to find a new hair colour suited to you!

From Copper & Auburn Hair Colours To Pillar Box Red 

If you want a look that is vivid and intense, try a bright copper hair colour! This is an exciting choice for blondes who want a big change. You’ll be the centre of attention with this bold hair colour!  

A great way to warm up brunette hair colour is by applying a gorgeous auburn shade. All eyes will be on you when the sun shines as it will reveal the breathtaking red tones to your hair. If you don’t want a drastic change but still want something that’s beautifully different then this is the perfect colour for you!

Express yourself with a fashion red hair colour this Autumn. Choose from dramatic shades such as post box red, fire-engine red or even blood red! These vibrant red hair colours will certainly make you stand out!

Is your dark hair looking a little dull? Brighten it up with a divine deep red hair colour! There are so many options, from deep cherry to plum to velvety red tones. Deep red hair shades can completely transform your hair.

Golden Highlights V Balayage Or Beautiful Brunettes

If you want a subtle change, try some golden or warm-toned highlights. These will add depth and dimension to your hair while making it look brighter.  For a bespoke look, opt for balayage where our expert colourists will hand paint your desired colour on your hair in the areas which will flatter your face most.

After the harsher Summer months, it's good to treat your hair to a hair conditioning treatment and considering a break from bleaching your locks.  Brunette hair that is healthy and conditioned always looks super shiny and glossy.  If you fancy this look, or want a complete hair transformation, make sure you book in for a colour consultation soon.

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