Hair Ideas For Older Women

Hair Ideas For Older Women At House of Savannah Hair Salon & Beauty Spa In Newcastle

As you get older you may find your style begins to change, and your hair should change to match! If you’re still getting the same haircut and hair colour you’ve been having for the past 20 years, maybe it’s time to change it up.

The right haircut can make you feel like a new woman, so if you feel your hair needs a new lease of life just book in for a consultation at House of Savannah Hair Salon in Newcastle. Our expert stylists can create the perfect look suited to you and your lifestyle. In fact, we have some hair ideas for older women right here!

Hairstyles for older women, top Newcastle hair salon - House of Savannah Salon & SpaShort Haircuts For The Over-50s

Your hair may begin to feel more dry and brittle as you get older. If it does, don’t hold on to your long hair – take the plunge and chop it off!

We understand that this is easier said than done, but the results will be worth it. Your hair will look much healthier and we will create a short hairstyle that is fabulously stylish too!

If you want to go super short then a pixie crop might work for you, or if you want something a bit longer then blunt bobs are a beautiful option. Unsure whether a short haircut would suit you?

Book in for a consultation with our professional stylists who can help find a haircut that will flatter your face shape.


Mid-length hair ideas for older women at best hair salon in Newcastle - House of Savannah Hair Salon & Spa Mid-Length & Long Hair Styles For Mature Women

If you’re not ready to let go of your long hair or feel that short hairstyles won’t suit you then don’t worry as we have some great mid-length haircut ideas for older women as well!

Layers are a great way to give your hair some added shape and volume. Pair this with a graduated bob that’s cut close to your face, and you have an extremely flattering hairstyle! Blunt, shoulder-length hair is also a sophisticated look.

Some older women feel they should cut their hair shorter as they age but there is absolutely no reason to do this if your hair is in great condition and your hairstyle suits you. 

Come in for a trim at least every 8 weeks to keep your long hair healthy.


Long hairstyles for older women, top hairdressing salon in Newcastle - House of Savannah Hair Salon & SpaHair Colour For Older Women

You’ve found you’re going grey? Don’t panic!  Our hair colour experts in Newcastle can help you go grey gracefully (in fact, the younger generation are paying for silver-grey hair that looks like yours!)

Alternatively, if you want to dye your hair, book in for a consultation at House of Savannah Hair Salon in Newcastle so we can recommend a hair colour that will suit you. 

Bear in mind that, as you age, your hair becomes more dry and brittle and so more likely to break – so please do not chance it with a DIY box hair dye at home! 

Have your hair coloured by a professional at a top hairdressers like House of Savannah Salon & Spa.

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