Love Island Gossip About… Hair Extensions!

Obsessed With Love Island?  At House of Savannah Hair Salon in Newcastle it’s all about the Hair Extensions!

OK, we admit it… we’re all a little bit obsessed about Love Island.  Can Megan be trusted? Will Samira get over Frankie?  Is it true love for Dani and Jack?  

But while everyone else is talking about the various love matches in the villa, the team at House of Savannah Hair and Beauty Salon & Spa in Newcastle are all talking about the girls’ hair extensions! 

And while we’re on the subject, can we just tell you that the hair extensions from our hair salon in Newcastle are the best quality and superbly blended to look natural!   Book your hair appointment online or give us a call on 0191 230 1919.

So here is our ‘take’ on the hair extensions in Love Island… 

Laura from Love Island’s Hair Extensions Disaster

If you want it to be obvious that you are wearing hair extensions, opt for Laura’s look!  They are extremely long and blonde and sit on dark roots, making them look more obvious than if they were blended.  Plus, the sun and chlorine have not been kind to her extensions and the ends are beginning to discolour and go a little ‘fluffy’. On the plus side, Laura does style her hair extensions well, changing her hairstyle regularly with pretty waves, straight hairstyles or putting it up.  

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Is Love Island’s Dani Wearing Taped Hair Extensions?

We think Dani is wearing taped extensions.   If they are, indeed, extensions Dani hides them well. Her hair is in great condition and she sensibly wears her hair extensions up in a bun or ponytail during the day to keep them clean and clear of sun cream and pool water.  

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Love Island’s Samira Has A Weave – But Will It Last? 

We fear for Samira’s hair weave.  A weave does not mix well with the heat or water… which is why none of us can recall seeing her in that pool yet.  We can see Samira’s natural hair around the hairline and that needs to be blended in with her hair extensions to give a lovely smooth appearance.  All that heat, plus the scorching sun, do not make for healthy hair.   

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Hair Extensions Advice from House of Savannah Hair Salon in Newcastle

  • Keep your hair extensions looking fabulous for longer with these top tips for looking after your hair extensions.
  • Rake your fingers gently through your hair to separate each hair extension bond daily so they sit separately and are not tangled.  
  • A good haircare routine will maintain the condition of your hair extensions so use the recommended shampoo & conditioner.
  • Be gentle with your hair extensions, particularly when brushing, and never go to bed with wet hair extensions.
  • When on holiday, avoid getting chlorine and sea water on your hair.
  • Use a hair oil to keep the ends of your hair moisturised and to help with discolouration from the sun’s harsh rays.
  • Consider wearing a hat or scarf to cover your hair from the sun.
  • Book in for regular hair extensions maintenance appointments at House of Savannah Hairdressers in Newcastle.