Some Facts About Grey Hair

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Are you starting to see some strands of grey hair on your head? Here are some intriguing facts about grey hair that might interest you.

Is grey hair is in your genes?

If your parents grew grey hair prematurely then you are most likely going to do the same. Some studies have noted that genetics and race are a major contributing factor to the early development of grey hair. Caucasians tend to go grey in their mid-30s, African-Americans in their mid-40s and Asians in their late 30s.

Grey or white hair may indicate an increased risk of heart disease

In 2013, the European Society of Cardiology did a research on the link between grey hair and increased risk of heart disease. This research had 545 male participants, who were put into different groups based on the amount of grey hair they had and whether or not they had coronary artery disease or not.

The amount of grey was graded on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being a complete grey hair. The researchers also gathered data on hypertension, family medical history, diabetes and smoking habits on the men.

The study revealed that a hair score between 3 and 5 was linked with the coronary artery disease. The men with the coronary artery disease had a significantly greater amount of grey hair and higher coronary artery calcification than those who did not.

Smokers are more likely to have grey hair earlier

In 2013, the Indian Dermatology Online Journal published a study which found out that smokers are two and a half times more liable to premature grey hair than those who do not smoke. The chemicals in smoke are also not friendly to your hair cells as they destroy them.

 Grey hair may indicate you have a vitamin deficiency

Random strands of grey hair may be an indication that you need more of certain vitamins! Low levels of serum calcium, serum ferritin and vitamin D3 are seen in people with prematurely grey hair. A low level of vitamin B12 also causes hair to lose its pigmentation.

Some Facts About Grey Hair Some Facts About Grey Hair Some Facts About Grey Hair