What Makes Your Hair Grow?

What Makes Your Hair Grow?

All You Need To Know About Growing Hair by House of Savannah Hair & Beauty Salon in Newcastle

Interested in knowing the facts about the number of hair on your head or how fast your hair grows?. At House of Savannah Hair Salon & Spa in Newcastle, we bring you all the facts about growing your hair.

Our hair stylists are experts in the field of hair care & maintenance and can advise you on the best hair care products to grow hair.  For a hair consultation, or for appointment bookings at our hair salon in Newcastle, call us on 0191 230 1919.

Why Can’t I Grow My Hair Longer?

The growth of your hair follicles is dependent on a couple of factors – diets, genetics and hormones. Most pregnant woman notice that their hair feels thicker and stronger due to the extra hormones in the body during pregnancy.

Your hair strand is made up of three layers – the cortex, cuticle and medulla. The cortex and medulla store the pigment responsible for your hair colour. Not everyone will have very long hair and if you happen to be in this category of people, then you most likely have flat follicles.

Regular haircuts and conditioning hair treatment can speed up hair growth, but they will not help you to hair with great lengths if you have flat follicles.

Flat follicles do not grip hair firmly hence shorter hair length, unlike round follicles that have a very firm grip on hair, leading to very long hair. As your hair grows longer, it becomes heavier, and when the weight gets too much for your hair follicles, they release the hair, but there is no need for worry as they will grow again.

Why Haircuts Are Painless

Hair passes through the follicles as they grow. The hair growing through the hair follicles are nourished with cell protein picked from the blood vessels around the scalp. With more cell protein, the hair grows longer and forces its way out through the skin.

When the hair has pushed through the skin and becomes visible, it is already dead, and this is why you do not feel a thing when you have a haircut.

How to Grow Your Hair – Tops Tips from House of Savannah Hair & Beauty Salon in Newcastle

As mentioned earlier, growing your hair to great lengths is out of your hands, but you can speed up the growth rate. Below are some great tips from the hair experts at the xxx hair salon & spa to help you grow your hair faster and keep it healthy:

  • Take supplements that give nourishment to your hair follicles
  • Use shampoo that is friendly to the head scalp
  • Eat diet rich in Zinc, Iron and Protein
  • Cut your hair regularly

What Causes Damage to My Hair?

Some practices are harmful to the health of your hair including contact with chlorine, continuous use of heat appliance and shampoos containing silicone. 

Using the right hair care products and going for regular haircuts will prevent hair damage. Pay a visit to our salon for one of our deep conditioning hair treatments that will leave your hair glossy and in good health.

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For a hair consultation, or for appointment bookings at our hair salon in Newcastle, call us on 0191 230 1919.